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We know that you could buy your adult toys from anyone and we appreciate your business. So, to save you time and money we have ran some tests against our competition. We have taken twenty random products from our catalog and compared them to similar items our competitors sell. Furthermore, we ordered one item from each of them to see; how quickly that item showed up, how discreet the packaging was, and how well their customer service handled issues.

We can tell you from our own due diligence that the following sites charge far more for their products than they should be, and don’t do well in the categories we tested them on. Plus a lot of them are relying on discount codes and coupons to try and sucker you in to paying more than you should be!

  • Lovehoney
  • Pinkcherry
  • Adam & eve
  • Healthyandactive
  • edenfantasys
  • Tootimid

So now that you have a better idea of where you can find quality adult toys at a reasonable cost, we hope you take the time to make a purchase from our catalog.

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